Follow the steps below to start adding or inviting new users:

  1. Click on Admin and select Users

2. Next click on Invite new users.

3. Add their name and email address and check the Trainer check box if you want to be able to assign this user to classes or sessions in the calendar. Use the Permissions section below to select the areas that you want this user to have access to. For example, you may wish to invite a staff member who will have access to contact information, but you do not wish them to see payment details. 

 Your staff member will then receive an email like this: 

Please note that the device they are using will need to be totally logged out of all Clubworx accounts before they will be able to log in on their user account.

They will then be asked to create a new password for their user account.

Once that is created they will be ready to start with Clubworx!

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