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Adding Tax Rates to your Receipts
Adding Tax Rates to your Receipts

To allow receipts to be sent to your members upon successful payment, you'll need to make sure that your tax rates are set.

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Clubworx allows you to send receipts to your members when they've made a successful payment. You'll also be able to add a tax breakdown on the receipt if required. To set this up, you'll first need to establish if your memberships are tax inclusive or not.

When setting up a new membership plan, by heading to "Admin" then "Membership Plans" and "New", you'll see this section:

By clicking "Manage tax settings for receipt emails" you'll be sent to your account profile (You can also get there by clicking "Admin" then "Account Profile"). From here, click over to "Membership Payments": 

From here, you can either click "Manage Tax Rates" to create a new tax rate, or click "Or, treat membership payments as tax-exempt" (if your memberships don't need a tax breakdown on a receipt) - But let's go ahead and look at "Manage Tax Rates":

To add a new tax rate, click "+ Add Tax Rate": 

Here you will name your tax rate, set which percentage of your membership this makes up, and the rule to follow if you end up with a number that has more than 2 decimal points.

For example, in Australia we have "Goods and Services Tax" (GST) that is 10% - and in this case, we'll round up to the nearest cent if there's a number that does not make sense (eg: $4.789 will get rounded to $4.79): 

If you now go to "Admin" then "Account Profile" and "Membership Payments" you'll be able to choose your tax rate that will show in the receipt:

Now, when setting up a membership plan, editing a membership plan, adding a membership plan to a member or non-attending contact, or editing a member or non-attending contact's membership plan - You'll be able to set receipts:

Please note: This will add a tax breakdown on the receipt based on the membership plan price. Adding a tax rate will not change the prices of your memberships. 

For example, a $70 membership with a 10% tax rate will show on the receipt as $70 with $7 of that going to tax, rather than $70 + $7.

If you have any further questions or queries on tax rates, please contact our support team at 

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