Adding an Ongoing Membership

Ongoing memberships allow you to collect recurring payments for a nominated period of time or indefintely (until the membership stops)

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Ongoing memberships are the most commonly used memberships.  To further streamline your gym or studio, we strongly recommend using one our integrated payment processors so that the recurring payments generated by your ongoing memberships can be processed and reconciled for you automatically.  Contact us to find out more about our payment partners –

To add an ongoing membership, click on the Admin link in the top right of your Clubworx account and select membership plans from the drop select list.

Then click the orange button +New plan.

You will be presented with the screen below.  We’ve gone ahead and filled it in so you can see what an ongoing membership looks like.

Here is an explanation of each of the options on this form.

Membership name: Give your membership a descriptive name so that you will instantly know what that membership contains.  You will be applying these memberships to your members in the future, so save yourself time by being descriptive at this stage of your set-up. Keep in mind that you can also expose these membership options to your clients via the free hosted website, the mobile member portal, or online sign-up forms. If so, the names should be meaningful and appropriate for them too.

Membership Category: Categories help group your memberships when they are exposed through the free hosted website,  the mobile member portal or online sign-up forms.  They are totally customizable, so feel free to add your own and apply them as appropriate.  Note: Categories do not affect payments or access associated with a membership.

Plan Type: As this is an ongoing membership, we have selected Recurring payment as the option.

Upfront cost: You have a choice here.  If you charge a set-up fee for uniforms or bags, for example, you may want to add the fee here.  You can also choose to leave it blank if you are not charging an upfront amount. Remember, this amount is separate to the ongoing fees nominated under recurring payments below.

Class Access: Below is an explanation of each of the options.

Unlimited classes or number of classes – For the Membership we have set-up, we have limited attendance to twice per week.  Again, this is your choice.  You may choose to allow your members unlimited classes, but in our example, we have multiple memberships and the price increase with the number of attendances allowed.

To use anytime – Since we unchecked the Unlimited classes box, we were required to enter a number of classes that could be attended under this membership.  If we had left this next section black, the member would have only been able to attend to classes.  By adding the 1 Week, we are establishing a weekly class limit rather than a total limit.

Limit the Type/s of Classes/Appointments Members can attend – This is an advanced option that allows you to block members from checking in for certain types of classes. This is most likely to apply if you offer both classes and individual training sessions. Please contact Clubworx at if you would like more information about this feature.

Repeating Cost: This is where you add your recurring membership fee and frequency.  Most of our customers bill their members on either a fortnightly (every 2 weeks) or monthly basis, however, you can really set this frequency as you need.

Payment Receipts: Check this box if you want to email receipts of membership payments to your members. These are sent to the member by email when the payment is marked as Paid (Either manually by you, or Automatically if you are linked up with one of our payment providers).

Expiration/End date: In this instance, we have left the End date blank.  This means that the membership will continue to run until you manually cancel it on the advice of the member. By setting your memberships as ongoing, you don’t have to continuously re-apply memberships at the end of a period (the way you would if you applied an expiration term), simply cancel it when appropriate. This can cut down on quite a bit of admin!

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