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New Sequence Trigger - Membership Start Date
New Sequence Trigger - Membership Start Date

You can now use sequences to communicate with your clients based on their membership start date.

Written by Jessica Berry
Updated over a week ago
  1. To create a new sequence, go to Sequences > Add New Sequence.

2. Select the sequence start trigger as 'Membership due to start' and give your Sequence a name.

3. Determine what you would like your sequence to trigger. Is it an email, or an SMS or a task for a staff member? On the left hand side, click on the tab that suits your needs. In this case we will be sending an email to our new members. Use an existing template if you have something appropriate, or click and drag the blank template across to the right hand side.

4. Select if you would like your email to be sent before, after or on the membership start date. Then choose the reply to email address. You can also select additional conditions that will allow you to exclude members if need be. If you have created a specific membership type for a promotion or challenge, we would recommend specifying that the Membership Name equals 'Your Membership Name Here'.

5. Enter the Subject line and text for your email. To personalise your email, use the yellow merge tags to help populate names and information specific to your members.

6. Once you are happy with the Sequence, use the save button to save your changes. You should now see your new sequence appear in your list of sequences. You will need to use the toggle to set 'Active' to 'On'.

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