1. To create a new sequence, go to Sequences > Add New Sequence.

2. Select your Sequence Trigger as 'Prospect Status Changed' and give your sequence a name.

3. Determine what you would like your sequence to trigger. Is it an email, or an SMS or a task for a staff member? On the left hand side, click on the tab that suits your needs. In this example, we are sending an email to a Prospect who we know is almost ready to purchase a membership.

4. Customise the conditions to suit your needs. Determine how long after the Prospect Status change you would like the message to send and if you would like to restrict the message to only be sent to Prospects on a certain status. In this example, we are restricting the Prospect Status to 'Almost Ready'.

5. Enter the Subject line and text for your email. To personalise your email, use the yellow merge tags to help populate names and information specific to your members.

6. Once you are happy with the Sequence, use the save button to save your changes. You should now see your new sequence appear in your list of sequences. You will need to use the toggle to set 'Active' to 'On'.

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