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Project Approval Request Navigation
Project Approval Request Navigation
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Access a Project Approval Request

The project approval request interface can be found by selecting Project Approval Requests in the menu.

At the landing page, a user will see all the requests created by their company thus far.

To view details of the request, hover over the request row. The row should change colour to indicate its selection. While hovering, a Details selection will appear between the Subcontractor name and the Project name. Select Details.

A flyout will appear on the right side of the screen that will provide information on the request, the progress of the review flow, and the option to assign qualification.

Request Comments

To see comments, select the message icon from the right navigation bar in the flyout.

Request Attachments

To see attachments for the project, select the paperclip icon from the right navigation bar in the flyout.


To see request history, select the clock icon from the right navigation bar in the flyout.

Columns in the Open Project Approval Requests Table


This provides information about the subcontractor the GC is requesting the project approval for.

To access more information about the subcontractor, click the subcontractor name and a new tab will open with Subcontractor Search with their information.


This column indicates the project that the subcontractor and approval workflow is assigned to.

To access more information about the project, click the project name and you will be redirected to the Project & Bid Management page with the project details.


This column provides an overview of the stage the approval workflow is currently in.

In this example, the first Project Approval Request is currently in Stage 1 in the approval flow. This stage has 2 reviewers involved, indicated by the user avatar icons. Each stage's completion requirements must be met to proceed to the next stage.

Once all stages are complete and accepted, the request is moved to the "Closed Requests" tab. More information can be found in the "Closed Requests" section of this article.

To learn more about the review process, additional steps to complete a review can be found in the Leaving a Review on a Project Approval Request article.

To access the detailed stage review view, see the View More Details section of this article.

Contract Value

Contract value pertains to the monetary amount of the contract for that subcontractor going through the project approval request.


Qualification indicates the subcontractor's annual prequalification status. There are 4 statuses possible:

  • Qualified

  • Qualified (With Exceptions)

  • Denied

  • Not Assigned

To learn how to assign a qualification and view detailed information (including single limit, aggregate limit, exceptions, summary, and expiration) related to the qualification, steps can be found in the the prequalification assignment article.

Requested On

The Requested On column indicates the date that the request was created.

Due Date

The Due Date column indicates the assigned date that the project approval request is expected to be completed. This date will not stop the request progress, even if it has passed.

Filtering & Sorting

Filters can be found at the top left of the Project Approval Requests page. Multiple filters can be selected at once. To select/deselect, click the filter desired. If in use, the background of the filter selected will darken. The Projects, Subcontractor, and Status filters provide multi-select within a searchable list.

The quick filter button for Requires my Review can be selected to show you all requests where you are required to review. It can be clicked to enable and disable.

To clear the filters, select the Clear All button on the right-most side of the filters row.

In this example, the Status filter has two options selected. This is the default state of the filter for Open Requests.

Sorting can be done by selecting the column headers that have arrows to the right of the title. This includes Contract Value, Requested On, and Due Date information. Select/Deselecting sort can done through clicking the header until the desired state is reached.

Closed Requests

Closed requests are requests that have completed the approval workflow. They can be found in the "Project Approval Request Outcomes" article.

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