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Project Approval Requests Overview
Project Approval Requests Overview
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What is a Project Approval Request?

A Project Approval Request is a tool that allows General Contractors (GCs) to qualify subcontractors for specific projects. A request is composed of a subcontractor, project, and Project Approval Flow. In order to review the subcontractor, the specified reviewers selected by the project approval Flow must submit their reviews to the Project Approval Request tool.

The Project Approval Requests page can be found in the menu dropdown:

Project approval requests for a subcontractor can also be found on their profile in the Project Approval Requests tab.

View More Details

To view details of a request, hover over the request row. The row should change colour to indicate its selection. While hovering, a Details selection will appear between the Subcontractor name and the Project name. Select Details.

A flyout will appear on the right side of the screen that will provide information on the request. More information can be found on the Project Approval Request Navigation article.

How are Project Approval Requests Managed?

Filtering & Sorting

Steps to filter the Project Approval Requests can be found in the Project Approval Request Navigation article.

Closed Requests

Closed requests are requests that have completed the approval workflow. They can be found in the Project Approval Request Navigation article.

Creating a New Project Approval Request

Steps to add a new approval request can be found in the Creating a Project Approval Request article.

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