Users only have access to a project if the Admin invites them to the project. This ensures only the appropriate stakeholders can access, update or view the project information, reports and compliance documentation.

The Admin can disable or enable user access as necessary from the Project Profile. To learn how, check out our article to Disable or Enable User Access.

To Invite Stakeholders:

  1. Go to the Project’s Profile.

  2. Select the ‘Roles’ tab.

  3. Select ‘Invite New Account’.

  4. Enter the email address for the new stakeholder.

  5. Specify the user’s role:

Inspector: Can create new inspection reports, view, and update all documentation, logs, and site maps.

Collaborator: Can view and update all logs, work orders and site maps. The Collaborator cannot revise inspection reports. The Collaborator automatically receives an email notification for each complete inspection report and also receives the weather forecast and alert notifications for this project.

Viewer: Can only view all forms and documentation. The user is not able to add, revise or change any data.

6. Confirm the Project to which the user will be invited.

7. Select ‘Create’

8. The stakeholder will receive an email invitation to create an account if they are a new user, or a notice they have been invited to the project if an existing user.

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