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Gain a deep understanding of how Concreit's platform functions and the benefits it offers to investors like you.

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Concreit makes real estate investing simple. Start by setting up your account by downloading the Concreit mobile application from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Or, if you prefer to use our web platform, go to

First, set up your account and answer some basic questions to get your profile started.

  1. Account Setup: Begin by downloading the Concreit mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. Create your Investor Profile by answering basic questions about yourself.

  2. Choose Your Investments: Select your investment strategy, with options like our flagship fund, Cash Flow, or invest fractionally in rental homes with Home Shares.

  3. Investment Funding: After you've linked your bank account you can make your initial investment.

Ongoing Portfolio Management: Your money, along with other Concreit investors' money, is pooled together and invested by a Fund Manager. While your portfolio is being professionally managed, sit back and relax. Through the in-app newsfeed, weโ€™ll keep you posted with a project timeline for each asset.

Earning Income: Once you own your shares, start receiving declared dividends, and monitor your total investment balance on the dashboard.

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