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Learn more about the Cash Flow strategy
Learn more about the Cash Flow strategy

Learn more about the Cash Flow strategy

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This is our flagship financial product that’s been designed to be a savings alternative powered by real estate yields. The Cash Flow strategy is an enticing investment opportunity designed to help you preserve your capital and create a new income stream. It’s a private credit offering with short-term first-lien mortgages that pays out weekly and offers liquidity. Here's what you need to know:

Objective: The main goal of the Cash Flow strategy is to provide investors with a reliable source of passive income.

Potential Returns: With an annualized net return rate of up to 6.5%, the strategy offers the potential for attractive returns on your investment.

Payout Frequency: You can expect weekly payouts, allowing you to enjoy the generated income on a regular basis.

Minimal Risk: The Cash Flow strategy is designed to be a low-risk investment option, aiming to protect your capital while generating income.

Real Assets: Unlike cryptocurrency investments, the Cash Flow strategy focuses on tangible real estate assets, providing a sense of security and stability.

What am I investing in?

The Cash Flow Strategy operates as a fund-style investment platform. When you invest, your funds are pooled with those of other investors. Our team of real estate professionals then allocates these funds into a carefully selected portfolio of diverse properties spread across the United States. Many of the assets include single-family homes and some commercial properties such as apartment complexes, shopping centers, and mixed-use buildings.

At its core, our investment strategy revolves around a diversified portfolio focused on private real estate assets. To break it down, 75% of the portfolio is dedicated to short-term debt notes, and the remaining 25% is channeled into mid-term equity positions. Importantly, each dollar you invest comes with an added layer of security, as it's over-collateralized by a minimum of 130% of the property's present market value. This acts as a safety net for your principal investment.

For a deeper dive into our investments, head over to the 'Portfolio' section in the app. There you'll find details on what we've invested in, the reasoning behind each investment, and performance updates on the properties.

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