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What is the Rewards Program?

We designed our Rewards Program to support and complement a long-term investment strategy. A reward can be earned through investing and referrals. These are platform rewards and are automatically redeemed each week through a Dividend Bonus.

What is a Dividend Bonus?

Concreit's reward currency is a Dividend Bonus. When you complete a reward activity, you earn a Dividend Bonus. The exact Dividend Bonus amount earned depends on the specific reward activity.

How do I earn Rewards?

Rewards are earned via:

  • Making an investment

    • Includes one-time investments, recurring Auto-Invest, as well as Dividend Reinvestment.

    • For each of these, you will accrue a Dividend Bonus through Instant Earn while you wait for your investment to complete.

    • You must complete the investment to fully earn the Dividend Bonus.

  • Referring friends to Concreit

    • When you refer an eligible friend using your personal referral link, and your friend completes the referee onboarding process, you will each earn a referral reward which will act as a Dividend Bonus

    • See the app for details of the active referral promotion amount.

When is Instant Earn triggered and active?

Instant Earn is automatically activated during the period between starting and completing a new investment or reinvestment. During this period your pending investment accrues Dividend Bonus credits at 6.07% annualized rate. After the investment is completed, the accrued Dividend Bonus amount is issued to your account and is eligible to be applied to your next regular weekly dividend payout.

How do I redeem Rewards?

Each week that there is a regular dividend payout scheduled, Concreit checks to see if you have a Dividend Bonus amount available and automatically applies it to your payout, boosting your personal return beyond Concreit standard payout amount.*

  • Go to Account Settings > Account Activity > Dividend Details to see your personal payout rate for a recent dividend.

Dividend Bonuses are paid out over time and are limited to a maximum boost of 1% of your investment balance per year. If you have a large Dividend Bonus balance and want to receive it faster, you need to increase your investment balance by making an additional investment.

  • For example, if you have a rewards balance, you could earn up to 1% more than Concreit's standard payout rate. If Concreit's latest rate is 6.07%, rewards can boost your return up to 7.07% each week.

Can I reinvest my Dividend Bonus?

Yes, and we do that for you automatically!

Dividend Bonuses are paid out as a part of Concreit's regular weekly dividend payouts*. Dividend Bonus amounts are automatically reinvested along with your regular dividend payout. This helps to accelerate the growth of your investment balance and future dividend payout amounts.

Can I cash out my rewards?

No -- Concreit rewards and Dividend Bonuses are not cash and cannot be cashed out directly. However, once a Dividend Bonus has been paid out and reinvested into your regular account balance, it is eligible for withdrawals. Rewards are designed to boost your returns while investing with Concreit! ⚡️

How can I earn a referral reward?

In order for a referral to qualify for a Dividend Bonus, your friend must be an eligible referee and complete all onboarding tasks:

  • Referees must be new to Concreit

  • Create an investor account

  • Confirm their identity

  • Link a bank account

Note: If a manual verification for either bank account OR identification is required, the referral will continue to show as 'In Progress' until confirmation.

Please see Concreit's website to see all Referral Program terms and conditions.

Why am I missing a referral reward for friends I referred and confirmed signed up?

If you sent your personal referral link to a friend and want to check on the status of your referral, first check the Referral Status screen in the Concreit app.

  • Tap the referral icon in the top right corner, then tap on the "Status" tab. You will see any "In process" referrals, as well as a dollar amount for any complete referrals.

If you believe your friend completed all of the referee onboarding steps, but you do not see their name as a completed referral in the app, it could be for the following reasons:

  • Your friend didn't complete sign-up using your referral link

  • Your friend already had a Concreit account and was not eligible for a reward

  • Your friend has not completed the required referee onboarding steps (i.e., Confirm Identity or Add Bank Account)

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to credit individuals who did not sign up with a referral link. If you have any questions about referral status, please reach out to Concreit's Investor Success team with your referral's email address and full name. 💬

How do I know if my referral has signed up and met the requirements?

You can confirm your referral using your unique link by going to the referral "Status" section of the Referrals page in the app. This page lists out all of your referrals who signed up and created an account with Concreit.

  • In process means your friend has created an account but has not completed all of the required referee onboarding steps.

  • Completed referrals will show a dollar amount for the Dividend Bonus you earned. This means the referral met all of the Referral Program requirements

*Concreit's fund is an investment and as such is subject to risk with no guarantee of future returns. Weekly dividend payouts are based on available profits from Concreit Fund I.

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