To begin, login to your clubs account as an administrator and select POINT OF SALE from the side bar,

followed by ITEM LIST from the ITEMS sub-menu.

Select the Create Item button from the upper right.

  1. Name the item (optional “Short Name”). The background and text colors for the item image in the POS are editable.

  2. Set the Category, Unit Cost, Retail Price, and applicable Tax Rate(s).

  3. If you want the system to automatically Track Stock for the item, check the box. Enter the current Stock On-Hand and the Stock On-Hand Alert number at which you want to be notified, when stock is running low.

  4. Optionally you can assign a SKU, item Description, as well as, upload an Image.

  5. If the item is no longer being offered but you wish to keep it “in your system,” check the Discontinued box.

You can Edit, Delete, as well as Add Variation of an Item. A variation is a new item that is very similar to the original. It has a different Name, Cost/Price and SKU, but the Image (if uploaded) remains the same as the original.

Remember to click Save Changes in the bottom right.


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