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The Audit Log offers various filters to see System User or Member actions.

It will show you:

  • Action Type

  • Entity Type

  • Action By

  • Created On

  • Name

  • Description

You can find Member information directly from the Members account.

Search for the Member.

Click on the Audit Log

Now you can choose a filter to narrow your search such as



Or use the search filter

How to Run a Audit from side bar.

Go to AUDITS on the menu sidebar:

Here, we can see 'AUDIT LOG' as well as 'Notifications'

If we go to AUDIT LOG, we can see:

We're going to select 'ENTITY TYPE' filter (as shown with the red arrow above) and select 'MEMBER'

Now we have selected a 'Member' Audit to be run.

You can choose any additional filters you would like such as Action start / end date, etc.

When you are finished, scroll down under 'Audit Log' and you will see the remaining items based on your selected filters:

If we go to 'Notifications' we can see:

If we go to 'FILTERS' we can create our own filters for the notification emails:

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