Event Reports

Now CourtReserve offers a more in-depth way to summarize your events!

If you go to Reports > Events you can see the new features:

Registrant Summary Report

  1. If you click on the Registrant Summary you'll see this page:

2. Once here, you'll see various filters you can apply to see the Registrant Summary:

Here, we can filter the report based off:

  • Event Session (if applicable)

  • Registered On From / Registered On To

  • Day

  • Week

  • Month

  • Year

3. We can also filter by:

  • Category Type

  • Group Sessions

4. Press 'FILTER' when you're ready to populate the report!

5. The report will now generate below:

Here, we will see the:

  • Category

  • Event Session

  • Full Registration

  • Unique Full

  • Drop-ins

  • Unique Drop-ins

  • Drop-in Waits

  • Full waits

NOTE: Don't forget, you can can export this report to Excel!

CLICK HERE to learn about the Event Summary Report

CLICK HERE to learn about the Registrant Detail Report

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