Event Reports

Now CourtReserve offers a more in-depth way to summarize your events!

If you go to Reports > Events you can see the new features:

Registrant Detail Report

The Registrant Detail Report is the most detailed, in-depth report to summarize your events / registrants.

  1. Click on Registrant Detail

2. Here you can filter based off of your Event Sessions

3. If you scroll down, you can also filter by

'Group Full' Event Registrations - this filter shows which players were 'drop-in' registrants and which registrants were 'full event' registrants.

Registration Status

Categories, Instructors, Events, Membership Type

4. If you continue scrolling, you will see even more filters you can apply for this report:

5. When you're ready to run the report, click 'RUN REPORT' at either the very TOP or the very BOTTOM on the RIGHT side of the screen:

CLICK HERE to learn about the Event Summary Report

CLICK HERE to learn about the Registrant Summary Report

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