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Restoring Psin Free Movement
How is Restoring Pain-Free Movement different from the CTB Membership?
How is Restoring Pain-Free Movement different from the CTB Membership?
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The Restoring Pain Free Movement course is oriented toward the issues and modalities relevant to corrective exercise, movement, strength training, yoga and other similar fields. It uses the same basic principles as the CTB Membership, but that course is oriented toward manual therapy. There are unique issues that arise during training and rehabilitation that Coaching The Body® brings a unique and valuable perspective to.

Restoring Pain Free Movement provides continuing education credits for ACE, NASM and Yoga Alliance. 4 hours of credit are available through NCBTMB for massage under self care.

This course goes in-depth on how to coach people out of pain with self care and also integrating CTB self care and concepts into corrective exercise. Of course, step one to any of that is understanding where the pain sources (trigger points) actually are, through direct referral, and more importantly, satellite referral.

As a bodyworker, the course is applicable in you treating yourself, it's also applicable in you coaching your clients in self care with compression, vibration, contract/relax and movement/exercise. It is very helpful to coach your clients in self care as it empowers them and that is beneficial to CNS downregulation.

To have full health and prevent pain from returning, muscles need balanced strength around the joints. Otherwise the body will use trigger points to "splint" joints to reduce movement it perceives as dangerous. If you wanted to expand your work with clients, this course would help you in that regard as well.

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