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What is the Cuez Automator?

Automate your show by integrating your rundown with vMix, NewBlue, Viz Flowics,...

Updated over a week ago

The Cuez Automator is a tool used to automate (live) shows by connecting your Cuez Episode with the hardware and software that is used in the studio.

The Automator supports hard- and software such as vMix, NewBlue, Tricaster, CasparCG, OBS, Viz Flowics, Vizrt, SingularLive, Blackmagic devices, certain PTZ camera's, and many more.

Automating your rundown allows you to control the linked hardware and software from within the Automator app. Clips, graphics, audio, lower thirds (straps),... can be cued from the rundown in the Automator, triggering specific functions (or sets of functions) on your connected hard- and/or software.

Configure multi-step actions with ease and trigger them with a single click, control a multitude of hard- and software, control multiple devices at once, and more, all from a user friendly interface.

The Automator app is available for Windows and Mac devices.

The Cuez Automator is a separate module that can be selected for your Cuez Organization. Contact us for more information, such as a demo or a workshop, and pricing.

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