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Which whey / vegan protein should I buy?
Which whey / vegan protein should I buy?

Brands of protein powders that we have tried & recommend

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In the first instance, we do recommend that you look to source your protein from whole foods such as eggs, meat, fish, cheese, lentils/legumes etc, as these foods contain other nutrients as well.  However, in certain circumstances, you may wish to supplement with whey/ vegan protein powders in order to get your full Protein portions for the day.  

Whey protein

We’ve tried many brands of whey protein.

We really like the following brands (click the link to see it online and buy):

Look for the low carb/zero carb versions.

Ideally, buy the unflavored version, or start with the flavored version and after a few months move to unflavored.

Limit whey to a maximum of 2 scoops a day.  For those who think they may not tolerate dairy, try the 'whey isolate' option which tends to have minimal/no lactose.

Vegan protein

You can check the following brands for vegan protein powder:

Be sure to read the ingredients to make sure they are not high in sugars.

Got questions about your protein consumption? Click here to find out how much protein a typical person needs in a day.

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