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D3 (Habit formation) plans - the options
D3 (Habit formation) plans - the options

What does each habit formation plan help me with?

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The goal with the All 9 or the weight loss plan (i.e. following all 9 rules of the D9) and the habit formation plans weaving together is to help you make forward progress and then maintain it by focusing on a few specific parameters. To make that happen, we've come up with a variety of habit-focussed plans. Based on what you are aiming for, you can pick up and tailor the experience. Let me explain.


If you are going on vacation, pick the Holiday module. Most holidays are about having fun, eating the local food and having a blast. But even a week can do serious damage to your waist, if you are uncontrollable. To find the right balance, the plan focuses on

  1. Sleep. You are on vacation and you should be getting 7+ hours of sleep.

  2. Activity. You can wake up and get your workout in. You can walk after your meals, and explore the place you are in, to accumulate an extra 45 minutes of activity as well, if you are up for it. Or do both!

  3. Protein. This one is the hardest (especially if you are a vegetarian). But most of you neglect protein on holiday, or have low-quality or deep fried versions (such as burgers, chicken nuggets etc). Not anymore.

Portion Control

We recommend this plan when you want to get your nutrients in and keep your macros under control. This also applies when your cravings start to increase. Because you will be getting adequate protein and vegetables, you will not over-eat empty carbohydrates and will be able to say no to sugary and oily foods. You will be satiated.
This plan focuses on

  1. Protein. Eat a minimum amount of protein daily.

  2. Vegetables. Eat a minimum amount of vegetables daily.

  3. Carbs. Limit your carbs up to a certain point.

You stick to what you did on the D9 but for just these three factors. This will help keep your cravings under control and your indulgences relatively infrequent.

Clean Eating

If you fell off the wagon, this is the one for you. If you have a sweet tooth or find yourself snacking too much, this is the one for you. But focusing on DONTs is not enough. So, let's ensure we get enough high quality nutrients which will help shut down cravings.

This plan focuses on

  1. Protein. Eat a minimum amount of protein daily.

  2. Vegetables. Eat a minimum amount of vegetables daily.

  3. Treat foods. No junk of any sort. No sugar, no fried stuff, no alcohol. No loopholes.

There is no carb limit on this plan, so don't fret about going hungry. Instead, fill yourself up with nutritious foods.


When you ensure you get daily physical activity, you will find your mood improve and your confidence soar. Your body will produce less cortisol and more endorphins and thus ensure your mental health improves. Getting water is to ensure that you are adequately hydrated, which is paramount for good well-being. The final bit is to eat your vegetables to get your nutrients and fibre in. When you do all of these, you will feel your body respond by feeling great!

This plan focuses on

  1. Activity. Get 45 minutes of activity daily.

  2. Water. Drink a tall glass of water before each meal and/or get 2.5-3.5 litres of water daily.

  3. Vegetables. Eat a minimum amount of vegetables daily.

Got questions? You can click below to read more such useful articles and/or reach out to your Coach.

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