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What are D3 plans and why?
What are D3 plans and why?

Understand more about selecting a D3 (habit formation) plan

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The Daily9 system is a method for you to:

  • Do more of the things that are good for you (more vegetables, protein, sleep, water and activity). So that's 5 things here.

  • Do less of/limit the things that are not as good for you (limit high-carb food, treat foods, sweets, oily food). That's 4 things here.

The D9 system therefore covers a total of 9 things for you to follow.

So what are the habit formation plans and when do you switch between weight loss (All 9) and habit formation (D3)?

We know that life can be stressful and it's hard to be 'on' all the time. This applies to the D9 rules as well. Following the D9 over a long period of time can get overwhelming. Somewhere along the way, we are likely to lose focus.

This is why we designed the habit formation modules for you. If you would like to focus on a few selected areas of the D9, then these are for you.

There are different circumstances in which you might opt to switch to focus on a smaller subset of the 9 areas for a short period of time.

These include:

  • You have identified specific areas as your strengths and weaknesses amongst the 9 areas of the D9. You may want to focus on a smaller subset of the 9 areas for a short period to give yourself time to build those habits, without getting overwhelmed.

  • Life happens. You have a lot of travel on the horizon, either for work or personal reasons. Maybe there's a wedding or other festivities and you would rather focus on getting some basic things right, so that you can stay on track without losing complete focus.

  • You have just completed a few weeks (say 8-12 weeks) on the All 9 and you need a break before getting back to the All 9, to mentally reset and give your body time to adjust to the changes during the All 9.

  • Or perhaps you are feeling unwell/ in recovery from an illness or injury and want to focus on specific habits that will help you recover.

Whatever the reason, here's what we recommend:

  • Think about your goals and where you are today

  • Assess what does your support system look like (family, friends, your work, health etc) and what constraints you may currently have

  • Reach out to your Coach to discuss your plan

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