How to visualize data in the video using TrafficSurvey Viewer?

Visualize gates, regions, speed, position, stationary time and other information in your video!

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Presenting your data by using video is sometimes much easier than showing an Excel file with tons of numbers. Thanks to DataFromSky Viewer you can visualize all the information within the video and export the video to share it with others!

Choose different track flags that can be seen within the object in the video or visualize data through the different colors of trajectory, visualize gates and crossing data, traffic regions that you have set, or apply speed, acceleration, stationary, and other heatmaps in your video!

Track Flags possibilities

Visualize any of the following information in your video by using track flags!

  • Traffic Gates – See the article How to set the gates and How to export gate data.

  • Traffic Regions – See information on how to Set traffic regions and export data.

  • Show Unselected Tracks – Decide whether you want to see trajectories of all objects within the video or only the objects that are visible at that moment.

  • Show Anonymization regions – Anonymization region is used to make part of the whole video blurry, so objects can not be recognized. See the article about the Anonymization region for more information.

  • Show Target IDs – Display Flags with the relevant object IDs.

  • Show Target Speeds – Display the Flag with the Speed of the object. 

  • Show Target Accelerations – Display the Flag with the current acceleration of the object.

  • Show Target License Plates – Only in LIGHT mode. Displays the Flag with the vehicle License Plate.

  • Show Target Colours – Only in LIGHT mode. Displays the Flag with the vehicle color.

  • Show Target Types – Display the Flag with the object Type. 

  • Show Target Positions – Shows the current position of the object (we do support UTM and WGS 84 systems)

  • Show Target Stationary times – Define the stationary time of the vehicle and visualize stationary vehicles within the video.

  • Show Target Times from Last Gate – Time from the last passed gate. 

  • Show Unselected Tracks – If this box is checked (default), only the Trajectories of the objects currently in the image are displayed, the button for this function is also located on the Main Toolbar. 

  • Show Non-Present Tracks – You will be able to see all tracks within the whole duration of the video.

  • Keep Anonymization regions up to date – If this field is unchecked (Default), the Anonymization region field will not be refreshed and will display only the still image. If this field is checked, the Anonymization region field will be refreshed and will display a blurred image. See the article Anonymization region for more information.

  • Show Video – Show video in the background

  • Safety Analysis – Set whether to display detected conflicts in the scene view. See the article on how to use Safety Analysis.

You can easily visualize one or more of this information within the video by clicking to icons in the main toolbar.

Or you can find them in a main menu, section View.

See the example of visualization of some Track Flags

Track Colouring possibilities

Track Colouring – This menu allows you to change the color of the track relative to the Type, Speed or Direction of the track. You can also check the option to Apply Colouring For Track Flags, after which the flags will be colored according to the type or direction of the object.

Default Colouring – The Trajectory line is double-colored, green color represents already traveled part of the trajectory and blue color represents the part of the trajectory that is to be traveled.

Type Colouring – Sets Track Colour according to the object type.

Speed Colouring – Set your own range of speed, based on that you can visualize the speed of vehicles through the color of their trajectory.

Direction Colouring – If you select this setting, you can select the desired color for each direction in the Set Track Colours for Directions setting. Gates must be inserted for this setting to function properly.

In the screenshot below you can see where you can find the direction-coloring settings in the menu.

Gate Label possibilities

Use the possibility to set the gate label. You can choose between Gate Tags, Gate IDs or see actual gate crossing number!

You can visualize data for safety analysis as well! See the article about Safety analysis and its exports. If you want to visualize data through heatmaps, see our article How to work with Heatmaps.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us!

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