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The FLOW family of devices

This article can help you reference which devices are available for running FLOW and which of them you might own.

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FLOW may be installed on several types of devices. Knowing their differences lets you determine which one is ideal for your use case, or which one you already own.

The devices host a FLOW Block application and you can connect to them remotely or locally with FLOW Insights. The previous article explains the difference between these applications.

Edge real-time traffic intelligence

These devices are suitable for use on the site where traffic takes place. Their types are as follows:

TrafficXRoads—a module for smart intersections for installation inside traffic controllers - ideal for adaptive traffic control. The latest FLOW edge video-analytics device and a real game-changer in the industry of collaborative sensing technologies for dynamic traffic control and collection of traffic data. Ideal solution for the creation of truly smart intersections that can adaptively control traffic based on a variety of real-time parameters including speed data, queue length, classified counts, OD matrix or relational positioning such as cars and pedestrians for the protection of vulnerable road users.

TrafficCamera—a convenient, plug-and-play solution in the shape of an intelligent IP camera. Ideal for small projects. They come either preinstalled from us, or you can download FLOW to your own camera through the SAST store. Axis cameras are also supported and Vivotek AI-Boxes also fall into this category. For more information, see the product page.

TrafficEmbedded Macro—an intelligent traffic brain capable of monitoring 2-6 camera streams at once, TrafficEmbedded offers precise on-edge analytics packed in an anti-vandal outdoor case. The Macro variant runs on an Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier—the more powerful and common of the embedded devices. For more information, see the product page.

TrafficEmbedded Micro—unlike Macro, this variant runs on an Nvidia Jetson NX Xavier—the cheaper and less powerful alternative of the AGX.

TrafficDrone—runs on a powerful computer packed in a mobile case and is tethered to a drone for real-time traffic analysis anywhere.

In-house and cloud real-time traffic intelligence

These solutions run on more powerful devices like PCs, servers, or in the cloud. They include the following devices:

FLOW Demokit—the FLOW Node, Block, and Insights packed together to demonstrate all the capabilities they can offer available on your PC. You can download it here.

TrafficEnterprise—a perfect choice for large-scale projects, TrafficEnterprise is a real-time in-house/on-premise solution capable of analyzing streams from hundreds of cameras at once. It runs on a powerful server, or in the cloud. See the details on the product page.

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