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Manuals and Datasheets - TrafficCamera, TrafficEmbedded, TrafficXroads, TrafficDrone
Manuals and Datasheets - TrafficCamera, TrafficEmbedded, TrafficXroads, TrafficDrone

This article provides you with the links to datasheets, manuals, and product pages of TrafficCamera, TrafficXRoads, T.Embedded, and T.Drone.

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Knowing every detail of the hardware we work with helps us get the most out of it and ensure smooth installation and maintenance. On this page, we have provided all the necessary resources to help you do exactly that. FLOW framework is present in all of our solutions with the exception of TrafficSurvey. You can find all the FLOW framework resources here. Read on to get the links to documents such as Datasheets and Manuals for the hardware components of the specific FLOW devices.


TrafficCamera is an easy to deploy and extremely universal AI video analysis solution for a variety of monitoring and control tasks. The camera has the full-featured edge version of FLOW for the Azena camera operating system (OS for short) that is running on the TrafficCamera as a preinstalled application for your desired use case, be it traffic, parking, retail, security or ALPR.

TrafficCamera resources:


Device for smart intersections and installation inside traffic controllers - ideal for adaptive traffic control. This revolutionary product was successfully first deployed at a junction in Zlín in late 2021. Since then, TrafficXRoads has been deployed in many cities across multiple continents including Europe, North, Central and South Americas as well as Australia and Africa.

TrafficXRoads resources:


The TrafficEmbedded is essentially our product TrafficXRoads inside IP66 box designed for outdoor installation with the possibility of installing additional accessories and modules such as SDLC expander, LTE, 5G, LORA , I/O expander, V2X module or local data storage. The trafficEmbbedded unit is able to process more video streams from multiple cameras at the same time while still processing all the data on the EDGE in compliance with GDPR.

TrafficEmbedded resources:

TrafficDrone - Aerial Unit

The most important part of the TrafficDrone is the mobile processing unit that allows you to process traffic data from the drone on the spot to get actionable real-time insights. TrafficDrone Aerial Unit is suitable for the police and the military.

TrafficDrone resources:

Other products

TrafficEnteprise and TrafficSurvey are server or cloud solutions, so HW configuration depends on the project scale. In most cases, the HW is supplied and maintained by third parties and we only provide SW and help with the sizing of the HW for the specific project.

If you have any comments about the available resources please let us know to help improve them.You can contact our support at or use the live chat support accessible through the icon on the bottom right.

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