FLOW can recognize up to 10 categories. These categories are Pedestrian, Animal, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Car, Van, Light, Heavy, Bus, and the universal category called Undefined. Objects are classified based on visual comparison with our wide datasets that can follow the US FHWA Scheme, Standard UK Vehicle Classification Scheme, or European Scheme of vehicle classification (the comparison of these different world-classifications schemes with our FLOW categories is at the end of this article). See the description and categorization of an object of each category below:


Sedan, Hatchback, MPV, MUV, SUV, Coupe, Pick-up, or any similar-size vehicle with usually 5 or fewer seats including those that pull light trailers. This category includes cars with an enclosed cab and an open cargo area with low sides as well.


All van types including box-shaped vans.

Cargo cars with a usually higher profile than vans, often box-shaped, wider, and longer than vans. Single unit vehicles.

Usually three and more axle trucks, single-trailer or multi-trailer, excavators. Agricultural or forestry tractor with their trailer is defined as a heavy vehicle as well.

Passengers-carrying large buses, and school buses for more than 8 passengers.


Any type of motorcycle vehicle.


Detection of moving bicycles with cyclists as well as parked bikes without people.


Stationary and moving people.


Currently supports detection of dogs but other animals have been also partially trained. Contact us for more information.

How do categories fit classes according to different classifications?
Below you can see the mapping of FLOW categories to the international standards of vehicle classification. We have chosen to present the three most used classification schemes: US FHWA Scheme, Standard UK Vehicle Classification Scheme, and European Scheme of vehicle classification.

US FHWA Scheme

Standard UK Vehicle Classification Scheme

European Scheme

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