What is a Workspace?
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A Workspace is a high-level framework and tool that centrally manages multiple Organizations. It is available to Flexible Plan and Enterprise Plan customers. For example, if a company has multiple app development projects, you can create an Organization within the Workspace for each project. The benefits of this arrangement are twofold. First, you can manage a project’s apps and members on a project-level basis. Second, it allows Workspace administrators to easily manage cross-functional users who are involved in more than one project.

Each Enterprise Plan or Flexible Plan creates one Workspace, and the applicant will become a Workspace administrator by default. You can also assign other members as administrators. For more details, please visit this (https://intercom.help/deploygate/ja/articles/8159142) article.

Workspace administrators can invite other members to the Workspace, assign Workspace privileges to members, create Organizations, and add or delete members to/from the Workspace and its Organizations.

Please visit the Administrator Guide (https://docs.deploygate.com/docs/administrator-guide/) for more information.

Enterprise Plan Customers Prior to June 2023

If you were an Enterprise Plan customer before June 2023, please note the following changes. The “Enterprise Admin Console” is now the “Workspace Admin Console.” With the introduction of our new plan offerings (Current Plans), we renamed “Enterprise” to “Workspace” to avoid confusion with the plan name. The plan will continue to be the “Enterprise Plan.”


Only customers on the Flexible Plan and Enterprise Plan can use the Workspace. All other plan types are ineligible. If you would like to use the Workspace, please consider applying for a Flexible Plan or Enterprise Plan.

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