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How to create your first upsell (video)
How to create your first upsell (video)

Getting your first upsell offer live is a piece of cake. Read our guide or watch a short video tutorial.

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Follow these simple steps to get your first upsell live and shown to your customers. 

The text below includes all details and field descriptions, but you can also watch a super quick 1-minute video tutorial showing the upsell setup and in action.

➡️ Step 1 – Select your upsell offer

Once the app is installed, the first page you will see is the upsell offer selection with the title Fill Up Your Candy Rack.

Generally speaking, two groups of offers are available – product upsells for offering existing products from your store and service upsells for providing additional services. Below are listed all available upsell offers from which you can choose the one you need. Please note that the service upsells are just templates for services merchants offer most often. However, feel free to create custom service offers if the templates do not cover the service you want to offer the customers.

  • Product Upsell – For upselling any existing products from your product catalog.

  • Smart Auto-Upsell – For upselling existing products from your product catalog, which are chosen automatically based on the smart recommendations AI. Learn more.

  • Same Product Upsell – For upselling the product(s) just added to the cart.

  • Custom Gift Note (service upsell) – For upselling personalized gift notes.

  • Gift Packaging (service upsell) – For upselling premium gift packaging service.

  • Extended Warranty (service upsell) – For upselling extended warranty.

  • Premium Email Support (service upsell) – For upselling premium (email) support.

  • Unwanted Gift Return (service upsell) – For upselling the return of gifts that do not match the customer's needs.

  • Mystery Product (service upsell) – For upselling a mystery product.

  • First in Line (service upsell) – For upselling a priority support/delivery.

  • Incognito Shipping (service upsell) – For upselling an incognito shipping service.

  • Custom Service (service upsell) – For upselling any other custom service that does not fall into the categories above.

Please note the service fulfillment of all service upsells is up to you as a seller. Once selected, the service upsell will automatically be created as a regular product in your catalog.

Once you decide which one is the right for your store, click on the Customize button to set it up.

If you don't see these options, click on the New Upsell button, which is located at the top-right corner of the app. Just make sure you are on the Dashboard page.

➡️ Step 2 – Set upsell product

At the top of the upsell settings, you can enter the Upsell name, which is used for your internal reference only (it is not visible to the customers). You can also leave it as is and use the predefined one.

In the Upsell Product section, you must select a product you want to upsell. That means a product will be displayed on the upsell pop-up as an additional offer.

Click on the Select product and find an existing product(s) in your product catalog. Please note the product needs to be in stock and published on your online store. Otherwise, it won't be displayed.

In the Description, you can add a custom text that will appear below the product on the pop-up. Typically, you can use it to motivate customers to add the product to their cart.

If you check the option Apply discount, you can add a percentage or absolute discount.

Learn more about upsell discounts in the Are upsell discounts stackable? article.

In the Preview on the right side, you can review how your upsell will appear on the pop-up.

➡️ Step 3 – Set upsell targeting and offer placement

In the Displays section, you need to select what products you want this upsell to be displayed for.

You can target a combination of specific collections or products. By default, All Products are selected. With the use of Additional conditions, it is possible to have flexibility when choosing the target products. Detailed information about this feature can be found in the article about Advanced Targeting.

You can choose where your upsell offer will be displayed in the Triggered on section. There are options to show the upsell offer either pre-purchase (before the order) or post-purchase (after the customer has placed the original order).

More information on placements in Candy Rack can be found in the article titled Learn more about placements in Candy Rack.

In the Additional settings section, you can adjust the following settings.

Using Upsell Position you can control the upsell position on the pop-up in case of multiple upsells. For example you are upselling 4 products on the pop-up and you want to order them. The one with the lowest number will be displayed in the first row, the second lowest number in the second row, etc.

The option True upsell (upgrade) is used when you would like the upsell product to replace the target product instead of offering them both as complements (e.g. offer a newer version of the same product type).

Check Remove upsell product when parent product is removed if you would like to remove the upsell product from the cart when the parent product is removed.

Display custom note field will enable your customers adding a note that can be used in various ways, such as gift cards, personalised products, etc.

Don't display if the product is already in the cart guarantees that your customers won't get the product that they already have in the cart offered as an upsell.

Check Match Parent Product's Quantity if you want to match the number of upsells products quantity with the parent product's. For example, if customer is buying 3 phones, you should offer 3 extended warranties for each.

Check Enable quantity selector on the pop-up if you would like your customers to be able to decide how many pieces of that particular upsell they want to add to their order.

➡️ Step 4 – Save and activate the upsell offer

Now just click on the Save button at the right-bottom part of the page. And that's it, your upsell offer is now live. Congratulations!

To add more products/services to the pop-up simply create a new upsell offer and use the same targeting.

➡️ Step 5 – Test the upsell offer on the live site

As a last step we recommend to go on your site and check the upsell pop-up yourself.

In case you have selected the pop-up with the offer to be triggered on the Add-to-cart button click, simply go to any product page based on your targeting settings, wait a couple of seconds till it's fully loaded and click on the Add to Cart button.

Based on the number of upsell offers, your pop-up should look like this:

If you have opted for the placement of the offer on the Thank You page, first complete the order (including payment). Once finished, the pop-up will show on the page confirming the order, and should look like this:

➡️ Troubleshooting – What to do if your pop-up doesn't work

If you don't see your pop-up, please follow these steps:

  1. First of all, make sure your offer is active by going to the Dashboard. Find your offer in the Upsells Overview list and make sure the toggle on the right side is set to active (i.e., green color). If the toggle is inactive, simply click on it to enable the offer.

  2. Check what placement of the offers you have selected (pre-purchase or post-purchase) to be sure you expect the pop-up to show at the right place. The placement of each offer can be found on the Dashboard.

  3. If this won’t help, go to settings of your offer by clicking at it in the Upsells Overview. Scroll down to the Targeting section and make sure it's set up correctly. To trigger the offer for all products select Collections » All Products or just leave the targeting empty.

  4. Now depending on the placement chosen, for pre-purchase upsells go to any product page and click on the Add to Cart button. You should see a pop-up window including your offer. As for post-purchase offers, complete the order first and then on the Thank You page the pop-up should appear. Please just note that in some specific cases, the post-purchase pop-up cannot be displayed to customers due to Shopify's limitations regarding order editing. More information about the topic can be found in this article.

  5. If you still don’t see it, please get in touch with us using the in-app chat and we will happy to take a look and help you.

Important note: Please make sure the page is fully loaded before clicking on the Add to Cart button. Candy Rack script is loaded asynchronously, so it doesn’t prevent other elements on the page from being loaded first.

➡️ Additional Actions

  • Multiple upsell offers targeting the same products will stack in one pop-up. You can combine both products and services offers.

  • Go to app Settings in the top menu and customize (or localize) the pop-up texts and colors or even add a custom CSS code. Learn more about customizing the visual style of your pop-up.

  • Read our article 7 Proven Upsell Strategies & Tactics on Shopify in 2022 to understand the upselling game better.

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