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Resources that live within an Enclave are only accessible to people that can access the Enclave. Since the network computers that constitute an enclave are only used by those users, the enclave and the resources are for all intents and purposes your own private slice of the internet.

Enclave resources tend to be used for communication and collaboration. To use enclave resources you will need to connect to the enclave in question.



All enclaves must have a hub. This resource is not removable. It keeps track of the other resources and is most easily understood to be the "center" of the enclave. Since traffic must flow to it continually, we place it near the initial entry point for the enclave to increase network speeds. This does not affect your security in any way.

Entry Point

An enclave should have at least one entry point, otherwise you cannot connect to it. We recommend placing the entry point at the same location as the hub for speed reasons. Again, this would not affect your security.

Exit Point

To be able to access the internet you need to be able to exit the enclave network. We therefore HIGHLY recommend you have at least one exit point for the enclave. It is still possible to connect to an enclave that has no exit, and use the resources however. 

Since the exit points become the new location for your connection (for example if an exit is in London, it will suddenly look like you are located in London when you are using it) they obscure your geographical location. Since we also scrub or encrypt all the data before it leaves the exit point, this also means your connection becomes a bit more... "robotic". You may be challenged to take more captchas due to this.

The exit point is your new face towards the internet and so if someone is targeting you they will now be targeting these exit points. We therefore highly recommend you destroy and stand up new exit points every so often. Once per hour if you are a spy, once per day if you are just paranoid and once per week for everyone else. We are looking into adding an automatic scheduling feature for exit point recreation so you will always have a pool of fresh exits to filter your traffic through.

Video Conference Server

Putting a video resource inside of your enclave allows people who can connect to the enclave to easily chat with each other face-to-face straight from their browsers. Our video conferencing is based off of the open source Jitsi Meet video conferencing solution. Read more here.

Chat Server

Stand up a chat server for Mattermost inside of your enclave and enjoy a secure "slack-like" environment.


Launch a virtual desktop based on either Windows or Linux. It's faster than the competition: 450 Mbps download and 150 Mbps upload averages, regardless of your local network speed. 

You can specify what software you need for your team (they come by default with LibreOffice, Dropbox, Chrome, Firefox, and more). 

You can also use Dispel straight from your browser - no client download necessary. Drag-and-drop files to upload and download them from your computer, and use your microphone for video conferencing.

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