Launch a new Enclave

HOWTO: Launch a new Enclave

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A new enclave is a blank slate. It allows you to create completely new resources that has never existed before. This means any adversary has not had time to find it and even if the enclave is scanned by a web crawler there is really nothing linking it to you. Using a new enclave prevents reconnaissance against you and the resources you put inside of the enclave. Another reason to create a new enclave is to segment resources and users into different enclaves that may have different concerns. For example Enclave A is for the marketing team while Enclave B is for a discussion that is happening with a different company about a merger.


On the enclaves page select the "Build enclave" button. This will open a drop down through which you can quickly set up the backbone of your new enclave.

The enclaves initial resources (hub, entry and exit point) will take 5-10 minutes to build, and then it will be ready to connect to through one of our clients. In the meantime I would recommend you add the users that should be able to connect to this enclave from the enclave page.


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