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VDI-User is a role that can be assigned at the Organizational level to a user. The purpose of the role is to facilitate an easy experience for the user to give them access to reserve a VDI as quickly as possibly.

What it does:

  • a VDI-User upon login will immediately be taken to an interface showing them a Windows VDI.

  • The VDI is from a stack of such VDI's on the enclave that the user is assigned to.

For VDI-User to work properly specific requirements need to be met:

  • The VDI-User must only be in one organization.

  • The VDI-User must only be assigned to a single enclave.

  • The Enclave they are assigned to should have a single stack of windows VDIs.

  • To be able to reserve a machine one must be available to reserve.

As long as all these requirements are fulfilled the user will have a very easy time reserving a desktop.

Because of all of these strict requirements the VDI-User role can be used to great effect to make it easier for operators and third-party users to provide quick access only to what they absolutely need, but it does require that the admin know what they are doing, and should therefore be used with caution

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