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You sign in with your email and password (and 2FA code if activated). If you forget your password the forgotten password feature can be used to email a temporary token, which can be used to set a new password. Important: this does mean that if someone takes control of your email they can steal your dispel account, guard your email account!

Only accounts that have confirmed their emails are able to sign in.

There is no limit to the amount of times a password can be reset, and we recommend you change your password at regular intervals (About once per quarter, but at least once per six months is recommended).

Common flows

Login: Provide email/password on login page > Enter 2FA code > Logged in.
Forgot/Reset Password: Go to login page > click forgot password link > Provide Email > Click link in email > Provide new password > Go to login page > Provide email/password > Logged in.

On successful login

After signing in, you'll be shown a list of your enclaves.

For your first enclave, we will build it with you during your kickoff call, but we are building a way for you to add/remove enclaves and manage enclave resources which should launch in the next few months (written Oct 2017).

With that you can now see your enclaves, download and connect to enclaves with one of our clients and be secure online. 

Hopefully this article helped you, but if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out by scheduling a phone call, shooting us an email, or Intercom us.

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