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"How do I set up a fee for my athletes or coaches?"
"How do I set up a fee for my athletes or coaches?"

Collecting participation fees can be easily managed through our secure payments platform.

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It's quick and easy to collect a participation fee in DragonFly. Parents will pay when they're filling out paperwork and you no longer have to process checks and cash for every student in your program.
1. Log in to DragonFly and select 'School Funds' from the left-side menu.

2. Select the 'NEW' button in the top-left corner. If your school has any existing fees, you will see them in a list.

3. Input the fee amount, then select the following on the setup screen:

  • whether the payer or your school will cover the processing fee.

  • whether the fee is optional or required. If the fee is required, individuals must pay the fee for their registration to show 100% eligible in DragonFly.

  • what is the fee for? Give the fee a name for the payer.

  • where should it go? Select the cash account where money will be deposited.

Select the 'Ok' button once you've completed all fields.

4. Assign the fee to a specific group, team, and school year from the visible options. Also give the fee an expiration date. When completed, select the 'Assign' button.

5. You should now see your new fee in the list. When someone is filling out preseason paperwork or registration, they will see the fee and can pay online.

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