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Athletic Director How-To's
Athletic Director How-To's
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"How do I move a student from a Middle School to a High School?"
Game Worker Management
How to Create and Send an Invoice
How do I submit forms to my association?
"How do I complete the AHSAA Post-Season Financial Reports?"
"How do I edit a team's setup information?"
How do I register for an association event or school event?
How do I join my Coaches/Administrators Association?
View and Print a Receipt for Your School or Association
Create a Payment Voucher for Officials and Game Workers
Add Facilities for Your School or Organization
Enable a Data Integration with VNN
Add and Manage a DragonFly Cash Account
How do I add a calendar integration?
How do I send an email through DragonFly?
Set Up Your Officiating Links
How do I update sports for an account?
How do I cancel and reschedule a game?
How do I set up and fund my DragonFly Payments Account?
How Do I Add a Tri-Match to my Game Schedule?
How do I update my school or team classification?
"Can I have multiple roles and schools connected to my account?
How do I access and pay my Catastrophic Insurance invoice from the AHSAA?
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for School Administrators and Staff
"How do I approve coaches, athletic trainers and other administrators into my school on DragonFly?"
"Where do I edit my sports or teams?"
"How do I declare my sports for the school year?"
How do I get a game sanctioned?
"What is the Rostered Column on my Eligibility Checklist?"
"What is the PC Column on my Eligibility Checklist?"
What is the Public Directory?
Input and Manage Your Game Schedule
Invite Staff, Parents, Coaches, and Students to Your School
"How do I set up a fee for my athletes or coaches?"
"What if I have different roles at my school?"
Update Your Coach Profile and Add Teams
Game Contracts
MasterLibrary Integration