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"What is the PC Column on my Eligibility Checklist?"
"What is the PC Column on my Eligibility Checklist?"

"PC" stands for Principal Certified. Some states require the Principal to certify students and coaches before they participate.

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Certain schools in DragonFly will see a "PC - Principal Certified" column on their Eligibility Checklist. This column is designed to give Principals the ultimate say in whether a student can or cannot participate in sports and activities for their school. Some states also require coaches be Principal Certified before the season starts.

Only the Principal at a school can take action on this column. Other school administrators can view the column and checkboxes, but cannot take action.

Here's how the Principal can certify a student:

  1. Click on the checkbox in the "PC" column.

  2. Click the option to Certify or Uncertify the student or coach.

  3. When certified, the checkbox will be checked.

The Principal should mark the certify checkbox to approve every eligible student or coach. If an individual is missing forms or requirements, their name will still appear in red and will not turn black when the certify checkbox is marked.

While DragonFly will provide you with information about the eligibility status of your students and coaches (academic, paperwork, certifications, etc.) there may still be situations where the school needs to make this determination themselves.

Some examples of situations where an override might be necessary include the following:

  1. You can certify a student who has taken a remediation course for a previous poor grade, but this has not yet been updated in the academic system of record.

  2. You can uncertify a student who for behavioral reasons may no longer be allowed to participate, in spite of having fulfilled all eligibility requirements.

  3. You can certify a student who has transferred and been deemed eligible, but this is not yet fully indicated in the software.

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