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"What is the Rostered Column on my Eligibility Checklist?"
"What is the Rostered Column on my Eligibility Checklist?"

Some states require a coach to officially roster students when adding them to their team.

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Certain schools will see a 'Rostered' column on their Eligibility Checklist. This column allows coaches to officially add a student to a team roster when they have:

  1. Complied with all transfer rules set forth by their state association

  2. Met all eligibility requirements to participate, and

  3. Been marked "Principal Certified" by the Principal of the school.

Here's how an administrator can roster a student:

  1. Be sure the student's name is in black with all eligibility requirements met.

  2. Be sure the student has a marked checkbox in the 'Principal Certified' column.

  3. Click on the checkbox in the 'Rostered' column.

  4. Click the option to Roster or Unroster the student.

  5. When Rostered, the checkbox will be checked.

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