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How Do I Add a Tri-Match to my Game Schedule?
How Do I Add a Tri-Match to my Game Schedule?

Select 'Create Tri-Match' in the Game Schedule and we'll walk you through the steps of adding the match and all three contests.

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1. Log in on your computer's web browser and select 'Game Schedules' from the left-side menu.

2. Select the 'Add Game' button in the top right corner, then select 'Create Tri-Match' in the drop-down menu,

3. The right-side panel will open. Select your sport from the drop-down menu.

4. Enter all information about the Tri-Match, including participating schools, the time, facility information, and any location notes. Select 'Save Tri-Match' when finished.

5. Next you will enter 'Tri-Match Management' mode, where the three matches have been created for you and are grouped together. Select the headings in the right-side panel to view and manage Officials and Workers, Documents and Key People.

6. Select each of the three matches to input the individual match details in the right-side panel.

7. When all information has been entered about the Tri-Match, select 'Exit Tri-Match Management' to return to the Game Schedule. You will see your Tri-Match in the list and can click on it to re-enter Tri-Match Management Mode and make updates.

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