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Create a Payment Voucher for Officials and Game Workers
Create a Payment Voucher for Officials and Game Workers

You can generate a voucher in the game schedule to verify game fees and attendance.

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1. Log in to DragonFly on your computer's web browser and select 'Game Schedules' in the left-side menu.

2. Select your game from the list. If you need to find your game, use the filtering, sorting and date range tools at the top of the screen.

3. Once you select your game from the list, the game details will appear in the right-side panel. Select the 'Documents' heading.

4. Select the 'Create Document' button.

5. Select 'Payment Vouchers' from the drop-down menu.

6. Choose whether to generate a voucher for officials, game workers, or both officials and game workers.

7. A voucher will be generated in a new browser tab. This sheet will include information about the game, your officials and/or workers, and signature fields so you can verify attendance. Select the printer icon in the top-right corner to print.

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