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How do I register for an association event or school event?
How do I register for an association event or school event?

You can find and register for events hosted by your school or association on your Today page. Event registration is quick and easy.

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How to Register for an Association or School Event

1. Log in on your computer's web browser. You should see a gray bar on your 'Today' page with the name of your organization's event.

2. Select the 'Register Now' button.

3. Select the 'Answer Questions' button to provide your basic registration details.

4. Select the checkbox next to any sessions that may be available. If your event and sessions have costs those will be added to your total at the bottom of the screen.

5. If you are paying with your debit or credit card, select the 'Review and Pay' button and submit your payment details. You will be emailed a receipt to submit to your school for reimbursement. Note: if your DragonFly username is a phone number and not an email address, you will not be emailed a receipt and will need to contact our support team to receive a copy.

For free events, you will still click "Review and Pay". You will not be prompted to enter any payment details. The payment window will simply tell you that all events are paid and you click the "Pay" button to complete your registration.

6. If your event allows your organization to pay for your registration, select the 'Submit to School for Payment' button and your card will be sent to your organization for payment. An administrator can pay for your registration online in the "Cards & Events" panel with the organization Cash Account or debit/credit card.

7. Once registration is complete, you will see your event badge on screen. Now you are ready to attend your event. Have fun!

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