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How to Create and Send an Invoice
How to Create and Send an Invoice

DragonFly users can create a general purpose invoice, and send it to any organization in our ecosystem.

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To create and send an invoice, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the 'School Funds' or 'Organization Funds' section from the navigational menu on the left of the screen

  2. Click on the "Invoices" tab

  3. Click the "Create Invoice" button

  4. Fill in the details of your invoice, including:

    1. Invoice Title

    2. "Send To:" Field (just start typing the name of the organization and select)

    3. "Pay Into:" Field (destination account for payments received)

    4. Item Name and Price

    5. Invoice Notes

    6. Due Date (if applicable)

  5. When you have completed each section, click the "Send Invoice" button

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