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How to use the Game Contracts feature in DragonFly.

Written by Lance Cooper
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DragonFly has now introduced Game Contracts, allowing you to easily see if a contract has been accepted, rejected, or pending approval directly from the Game Scheduler.

When you look at your game schedule, you will now see a Status column. In this column, the status is color coded and has three main options- Scheduled, Contract Pending, or Contract Rejected. This gives you the status of your games in a quick glance. Green means your game is scheduled, Orange means there is something that needs to be done, Red means that the game has been rejected.

(NOTE FOR OHSAA Schools Only) All games that were imported from myOSHAA were auto accepted on your behalf. Any new games that were created since the original import will need to be accepted by the teams involved.

You can view details by clicking on the button in the Status column. Here you can view the contract details, and quickly accept or reject the contract.


When you create a game, if your organization and sport has a default contract, it will automatically be added to your game. After adding the game, you will see "Contract Pending" on your new game until your opponent takes action. You can click to see details by clicking the view icon, or through the Game Details drawer in the Documents section. When you view the contract, you can enter the details such as the Contract Length or Forfeit fee.


If your opponent rejects the game, your Status Column will change to "Rejected," and the opponent will become TBD. This allows you to save a placeholder for the game, and reschedule the game with a new opponent. By Clicking the ✓, you acknowledge that you know the Game Contract has been rejected by your opponent and you will see "Team Pending" until you reschedule the game. You will also be able to see a record of who rejected and accepted the game.


As the opponent, when you log in you will see any new games on your schedule with the status “Contract Pending”. By clicking the orange button you can view the contract, accept the contract, or reject the contract. When you click "Accept Contract" you are given the opportunity to view the contract details again, and then sign and agree. Once both parties have agreed to the contract, the Status Column will change to "Scheduled."


You also have the ability to bulk accept contracts by selecting the games, and then clicking on the action button, bulk accept contracts.


If you are the opponent, and you reject the contract it will be removed from your schedule. Please note, if you do not want to participate in this game, don’t click the trash can or “x”. Only the team that created the game can delete it. Click reject game in the status column and you will be removed from that game or event.


If you create a multi team event like a track meet or a golf invitational, in your status column you will be able to see the status of each team you invited.

As an Opponent, when you accept a contract it will still say contract pending, because there will still be schools that need to take action.

It's important to note, that all contracts are between two parties and individual schools, not a group of schools.

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