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How to Integrate DragonFly into MasterLibrary

Written by Lance Cooper
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Users are able to sync the athletic events from DragonFly over to ML Schedules. Please follow the steps below to complete this process.

Enable MasterLibrary Data Sharing within DragonFly

1. Within DragonFly from the left side menu select "Organizations & People"

2. Select the "Set Up School" tab at the top of the page

3. Under the Data Sharing section, select "Share Data with MasterLibrary."

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4. Once this has been enabled, contact, and the support team will provide you with your SchoolID, which is needed for the following steps.

Enable Integration Settings within ML Schedules

1. Within ML Schedules, select Admin > Settings then select the Integration tab

2. Select "Add SchoolID" under the Dragonfly section

3. Enter the School Identifier provided by our support team (linking it to an Event Type is optional)

4. Select the "Pull Dragonfly School Events" button and then select "Save Integration Settings."

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Please Note: In order for the events in DragonFly to sync to ML Schedules, the facility names within DragonFly need to match exactly with the Space names within ML Schedules. These events will automatically update on an hourly basis.

The specific facility (Gym, Field, etc.) needs to be listed in DragonFly in order for the integration to work. If you simply list the building and not the facility, those events will not sync.

Below is an example of an event that will fail the sync due to having a building listed. In addition, there is an event that will sync because the facility is listed.

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If you have any questions regarding the integration, please reach out to your MasterLibrary Support team.

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