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Update Your Coach Profile and Add Teams
Update Your Coach Profile and Add Teams

How to update your coaches profile and add teams to your profile

Written by Lance Cooper
Updated over a week ago

If you are a new coach, or if you are coaching a new sport this year, it is important to make sure your profile is up to date.

Step 1- Click on your profile in the bottom left, and then click My Info.

Step 2- Click on your Contact Info block and update your information. It is important to ensure your email and phone number are correct to use Dragonfly's communication tools.

Step 3- Make sure you are connected to the teams you are coaching. You can edit these by clicking the alert or "Add/Change Sports."

Select the sports you will be coaching, and make sure the correct year is selected.

Step 4- Click on "Get Started" for each sport, and fill out the requirements needed for eligibility. You can revisit your paperwork at any time.

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