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Add Your Students: Step 1

Add your students into your Students List. If someone else will be paying for lessons (i.e. a parent) you can add them during this step too.

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About This Tutorial

Once you have your rate packages created it is time to add your students into your Students List.

This is split up into two separate tutorials:

Part 1 is this tutorial where you fill in your student's name and apply a rate package. You can also set someone else besides the student, such as a parent, to pay for lessons.

Part 2 is the next tutorial were you add more information about your student such as their address, which instrument(s) you will be teaching them, upload a photo, and more.

Let's get started.

Fill Out the Form

  1. Go to Students > Students List.

    You will see your Students List, which at this time does not have anyone listed.

  2. Click on the + Add Student button.

  3. Choose a Status. The default is set to Active. For this example we will keep the default.

  4. Fill out your student's First Name and Last Name.

  5. In the Rate Package field, click on the down arrow and choose a rate package. In this example, we will choose Choir.

    If the student you are adding is an Adult and will be paying for their own lessons, skip to the end of this article to save their information. The student will be added into your Students List and automatically set up to pay for their own lessons.

    IF THE STUDENT IS A CHILD, continue on to step 6 below to add the adult(s) who will be paying for your student's lessons.

    Next, set who will pay for lessons. More than likely the student you are adding will need someone else, such as their parents, to pay for their lessons. To assign someone else to pay for lessons, do the following:

  6. Click on the Child Student? box to check mark it.

    A contact form will show up.

  7. Verify that New Family is checked. This is checked by default and is what you want.

  8. Fill in the First Name and Last Name fields.

  9. If you want this person to have their own Duet account to access your studio and billing information, fill in the Username and Password fields.

    Username: we recommend using their email address. Otherwise it can be whatever you want.

    Password: There are two rules.
    (1) It must be at least 6 characters long.
    (2) It is case sensitive. Thus "mypassword" is different than "MyPassword".

  10. Add in the person's email address. This will be used to send them invoices.

  11. Click in the first field to add a contact number. The other two fields you can ignore.

  12. Next, fill in the Address fields.

    Save Your Student

    As a final step, click on the + Add Student button to save the student.

Your student will now show up in your Students List.

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