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Find answers to questions about using Online Studio, such as how many people can be in a room at one time, how much does it cost and more.

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Which Web Browser Should I Use With Online Studio?

We recommend using Google Chrome. It is the most compatible, features wise, with Online Studio.

How Much Does Online Studio Cost?

As of Fall 2022, Online Studio only costs $8.00 per month. This will be added onto your monthly Duet subscription bill.

How Do I Subscribe to Online Studio?

To subscribe to Online Studio, see this article: Subscribe to Online Studio.

How Many People Can Be in My Online Studio Room at One Time?

The maximum is 500 people.

Is There a Time Limit to How Long We Can Be in the Room?

There is no limit on the time you and your student(s) can be in the room.

Can I Record My Lesson?

Yes. You can record your lesson, download a copy of it, share it to your Facebook page, or copy the URL link to it.

See this tutorial for more information: Record Your Lesson.

What is Music Mode and Why Should I Use It?

Typically, playing music through a video conferencing platform is frustrating because the sound quality is not very good. The echo cancelling features in most video conferencing software make it so that some notes are dropped or the full vibrations of musical tones do not come through.

Music Mode restores the echos and full reverberations of musical tones, resulting in improved sound quality while not missing any notes.

To find out more, see this article: Turn on Music Mode.

How Can Online Studio Make My Lessons More Interesting?

There are a number of ways Online Studio can help you make your online music lessons more interesting. For example:

  • You can teach from the whiteboard. For example, create a scale and ask your students find the tonic. Or you can upload images and annotate them.

  • You can share a YouTube video right inside of your Online Studio room. Watch or listen to a video performance right along with your student, discussing the performance as you go.

Other features include breakout rooms and sharing audio from your computer.

Which Computer Devices Will Work With Online Studio?

PC, MAC, iPad, Android cell phone, Apple iPhone. These are the most common devices and the ones we have tested.

Can I Upload Files?

Yes. There are two features that let you upload files during an online lesson:

  1. In the Chat box.

  2. In Whiteboard tool.

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