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How to setup your free event (pick up, consultation, shopping visit) so customers can book and skip the Shopify checkout flow.

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What is it?

This feature lets your customers book an appointment without the Shopify checkout. This is for bookings that don’t have a cost (ie. a store visit) and where you only want the booking confirmation email. Ideal for free events (Pick up, Showroom visit, etc)


Joe books a free site visit with you. You don’t want him to go through the Shopify checkout so you opt for the Instant checkout. This only asks the customer for their name, email, and phone number, and that’s it! Joe gets an email confirmation, an SMS reminder (if you have that set up) and the booking is saved in the app and calendar.


  1. Create a new product.

  2. In the app, create a new event and link it to the product that you created.

  3. Make sure this event would carry no cost by selecting "Instant booking without checkout", that way the customer can book this with you using our app.

How to manage free bookings

Free bookings would appear along with paid bookings under the Bookings tab of the app. The only difference is that there would not be an associated Shopify order or tracked revenue with this booking.

How to change the SMS Default Country Code

Head to Manage Event > Advanced

Here's an event we have on our demo store which uses this feature. You can make a test booking there.

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