How does the app work?

Easy Appointments 101, the basics of the app and set up

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How the app works

The app turns your product into a bookable event. We turn your “Add to Cart” button into a “Select a Time” button where the customer selects a date & time before they add to cart.

For a paid booking, the booking is created as soon as the customer checks out and pays for your booking.

Each event corresponds to a Shopify product (or variants of your products). Each booking corresponds to a Shopify order.

What this can be used for

This app is general purpose for Shopify, but we have a lot of merchants who use this for experiences (workshops, tastings), professional services (installations, hair salon), wellness, site visits, and more. See a list of our templates here

What we connect to

Our app, like all Shopify apps, has limited access to your store. We tell you exactly what we connect with when you start with the app install

Shopify Account Data: this lets us understand and identify you as our customer.

Edit Customers: each time a booking is made, we capture the information in the Shopify checkout flow to identify them. For example, Rick is your customer who books a session with you and his email is We identify Rick through the Shopify checkout so we can send him the confirmation booking email and he happens to be on your customer list.

Edit Products: we pull up a list of all available products from you to choose from and select the one which you wish to turn into an event or service.

Edit Orders: after your customer checks out and places an order, we take that customer’s information from the order (email, price, date, time) and add them to a booking for you to manage in the app

Edit your Online Store: this is how we view the front end design / experience of the app to change the ‘Add to Cart’ button into a ‘Select a Time’ button

How Payments work

All payments are handled through the Shopify platform. The same steps a customer takes to buy a Shopify product (add to cart, checkout, and pay) would apply to bookings with the Easy Appointment Booking App.

Each Easy Appointment Booking creates a Shopify order and a corresponding Easy Appointment Booking.

What can I do when Managing an event?

To edit an event, go to Dashboard, Manage Event. The sections are:

Appointment Settings: Set your duration and # attendees per timeslot

Timeslot Settings: Set your buffer time if you need a break, and your Timeslot Visibility to appear on the times you prefer (ie. 30 and 60 minutes)

Event Settings: Set event name and define variants that define the event. Add an event description on the calendar, as well as notes, locations, and links for the appointment email.

Custom Booking Options: Set a lead time and start time for your event

Advanced Settings: Lock timezone, persist information to Google Calendar, and more!

Button Loading

The add to cart button changes to a 'select a time' button, but sometimes due to themes, internet speeds, or conflicting apps, it can take up to two seconds. When this happens, we can't control the speed but we can control the messaging to the customer to say 'loading available slots', that way we set the expectation with them.

The best way to speed up the button: From Settings, click on Theme & Integrations, then follow the instructions.

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