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How to integrate with Trello?
How to integrate with Trello?
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We support a simple Trello integration, so you can easily export your retrospective cards and action items to a Trello board.

The export process lets you choose:

  • Which board to search for columns

  • Which column to export your card to

Here's an example of a Trello card generated by EasyRetro:

EasyRetro action item exported to Trello

If you are into Atlassian products, you may also want to check our integrations with Confluence and Jira.

How to connect EasyRetro to Trello

Here we'll briefly cover the basic integration/export steps.

Step 1. First, to connect your EasyRetro account with Trello, just head to the Integrations page:

EasyRetro Integration page

Step 2. Scroll down until you see the "Connect your account" button, then just click on it and run through the authorization process!

Trello connection button on EasyRetro Integration page

Step 3. Once your integration is fully set up, you can export your cards and action items by clicking on the three-dots menu button - right on the card's top-right corner, then clicking on the "Export to Trello" button.

Trello export on EasyRetro

Step 4. A modal will show up, where you'll have to choose which board to export your card to, and, finally, the desired column:

Selection of Trello board during export on EasyRetro
Selection of Trello column during export on EasyRetro

Step 5. After clicking on the "Export" button, you will be provided a link to visit the new card created on Trello!

Here's a tutorial in video format showing how to make Trello Integration.


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