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How to integrate with Microsoft Teams
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We support a simple Microsoft Teams integration, so you can easily create tabs inside your Teams workspace containing fully-featured EasyRetro boards.

This integration will help you by:

  • Allowing you to create and access boards right from Teams workspace

  • Providing a straightforward way for everyone to join you on your retrospectives

Here's an example of an EasyRetro board running on Microsoft Teams:

EasyRetro board running on Microsoft Teams

We also support integrations with Confluence, Jira, Trello, and Slack.

How to connect EasyRetro to Microsoft Teams

Here we'll briefly cover the basic integration steps.

Step 1. First, head to your workspace and click on the plus button to add a tab:

Creating a new tab on Microsoft Teams

Step 2. Second, search for "EasyRetro" on the modal:

Choosing EasyRetro for new tab on Microsoft Teams

Step 3. A new modal will show up, where you will be prompted to create a new board or select an existing one. You can proceed both ways:

Microsoft Teams tab creating button for EasyRetro board

Then, your new tab will show up for the other users on the same workspace, and you can start collaborating!

Here's a tutorial in video format showing how to make Microsoft Teams Integration.

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