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How to use Instant Booking?

No confirmation on your side, guests' requests will be automatically accepted.

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What's Instant Booking?

A toggle that you will be able to turn ON or OFF. Once the toggle will be turned ON, it means that you are accepting bookings automatically, no confirmation needed.

Why should I use it? 

  • Your experiences will rank higher on the search results pages.

  • Users prefer to book experiences with instant booking 

  • Guest will not have to wait for your confirmation

  • You can cancel the guest’s booking as usual

  • Increase your chances to participate in our partnerships

How do I use it?

You can turn it on for your experience and/or per event date.
In order to make your experience instant booking, go to "My experiences" > 'edit' mode and turn the toggle on:

When scheduling an event on your calendar, turn ON the toggle.

Can I turn it ON and OFF at any time?

Yes. You can turn it ON and OFF whenever you wish, regardless to your booking status.

What should I pay attention to when using instant booking?

  • Guests’ messages and dietary restrictions. 

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