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What are EF and ACIS and who are my guests?
What are EF and ACIS and who are my guests?

All you need to know about our partner groups

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Hosting partner groups is a great, and reliable way, to earn extra income throughout summer months and meet lots of new and interesting people who are keen to learn abut your culture and language. Dates are confirmed far in advance and groups visit regularly throughout peak season, so hosting is guaranteed! Our two main partners are EF and ACIS.

Who is EF?

Education First (EF) is a partner that offers cultural immersion tours to groups of North Americans who wish to learn about local cultures. They have two segments:

  1. EF Language Immersion: Specializes in language and cultural immersion tours for young students aged 14 to 21 years old who attend the events with a tour guide. The host should use the local language.

  2. EF GoAhead: Specializes in guided group tours for adults aged 45 and above. The host has to speak in English.

Who is ACIS?

ACIS is a partner offering educational journeys for students from North America. The students are always accompanied by a tour guide. As ACIS aims to maximize interaction between host and student the groups are kept small, with a maximum of 8 people, but preferably fewer.

Want to host partner groups? Send us an email:

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