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How do I create a Wishlist?
How do I create a Wishlist?

Utilizing the tool to create a wishlist is a way to compile experiences in one place, offering your clients a variety of options to choose.

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Here is how to easily create a wishlist for your clients:

Simply pick an experience and click the heart on the top right corner to create a wishlist.

After clicking the heart button, you are now ready to create your own wishlist. Create a name for it and click “Create list” to save it.

Now, whenever you wish to add more experiences to your wishlist, you have two options: you can either add them to an existing wishlist by clicking on the name, which will be displayed when creating a new one, or you can follow the same process to create a new wishlist.

Once you have created a wishlist you will be able to locate them by clicking “( your name) travel agent” on the top right. A dropdown menu will display and you can continue by clicking “My Wishlists”.

Your wishlists will appear with all your saved experiences. If you wish to share this wishlist, either click the “share button” on the top right.

Or you can click on the actual wishlist and click on “Share the list”. Now you can create and share any wishlist you wish.

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